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Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand the services that we provide. Should you need additional information, please call our office for assistance.
What kind of services does Alliance Total Care, LLC (ATC) provide?
Alliance Total Care is a non-medical home healthcare agency that provides Personal Care Services and Supportive Home Care to seniors, adults, and disabled persons who live at home. If you’re eligible for services, we will pay for a Personal Care Worker (Caregiver) to come to your home and provide services for you. This way, you can still participate in your activities of daily living tasks in the comfort of your own home. We also provide Caregiver Training Classes for individuals who wish to join our professional caregiver team in the home healthcare field.
How do I apply for services with Alliance Total Care?
It’s simple. Stop by our office between 9-5, Monday through Friday, and we’ll be glad to assist you. We’ll need the following information when applying in order to determine eligibility:
  • Physician contact information
  • Proof of insurance
  • Information about your health conditions and medical history.
If you meet our requirements, we’ll contact you about the next step. Our goal is to process your application as quickly as possible and help you or your loved one achieve independence living at home and be close to family members for as long as you can.
How long does it take to process my application before I receive services?
Our application process usually takes up to four weeks, depending on your situation. Incomplete information will delay the processing of your application with our agency.
Can I transfer from another agency?
Yes. As a patient you have the right to choose which agency to manage your personal care needs at home. Please stop by our office to talk to one of our staff members about your situation. This way, we can help you make appropriate arrangements so there will be no disruption of services for you and your Caregiver when the transfer is taking place.
What if I have a child who also needs Personal Care Services at home?
We provide services to all ages as long as they meet the criteria listed under services and DHS Rules and Regulations.
What if I need someone to care for me?
You can choose a family member to be your Caregiver/PCW as long as they are 18 years or older, or we can find a Caregiver outside of the family to provide services to you. PCW cannot be a minor, spouse, or legal guardian. All PCW are required to go through a hiring process with our agency before he/she can provide services to a patient.
Do I have to pay out of pocket, or will services cover under my insurance?
If you have State Medicaid or HMO insurance, usually they will pay for personal care services. If you have private insurance, please consult with your insurance agent before applying. We accept private pay if you don’t have any insurance coverage.
How many hours can I qualify for Personal Care Services?
Depending on your health conditions and the medical records we receive from your physician. We’ll do our best to prepare your case and submit it to your insurance for approval. All Applicants must receive Prior Authorization from the insurance company before service begins.
How do I or my PCW get paid?
As a patient, you will receive Personal Care Services from us. We will compensate your Personal Care Worker (Caregiver) at an hourly rate, and our payroll is bi-weekly. Additional information will be provided during orientation and training sessions.
If I already enrolled for Personal Care Services with ATC, can I also enroll for Supportive Home Care?
Yes. You can enroll in both programs if you meet all of the requirements. Each program has its eligibility criteria and funding by different agencies.
For additional information or questions, please contact our office at  414-269-9899. Thank you!